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 Raktamia Lore

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PostSubject: Raktamia Lore   Tue Sep 12, 2017 7:22 pm

The dragon isle. Little is know of this place due to the fact that is mostly unexplored. Located off the west coast of Shiki, only few have dared to take the voyage across the ocean around Shiki get to it. And even fewer tried the insane thing of traveling through Remnant to try and get there. However less than half the voyagers would return and none of those who travelled Remnant. All the tales come back of a majestic island of dragons as far as the eye can see. But when asked how far inland they got the stories turn darker. "The cost is all you need. They were madmen to venture further in." Lager more powerful and ferocious dragons inhabit the inner island. Those who survive always left the same way. Rushing to their boats when the fools dared to venture pass the border.
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Raktamia Lore
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