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 Remnant Lore

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PostSubject: Remnant Lore   Sat Aug 19, 2017 9:37 am

Darkness, light, corruption, purification, all intertwined as one, chaos. The last and only untouched Magical Lay Line (MLL). Being the conjunction of both the MLL's of Navean and Tortagah the opposing elements clashed trying to over power each other to gain control of the MLL. The clash bred a new form of magic one that was not good nor was it evil. Corrupting everything around it from the landscape to the creatures this magic was feared. The early people thought of this as dark magic because of what it did to everything around it. However this belief was quickly changed when a group of Fallen ventured in to try and absorb the magic to make themselves stronger. When the magic took over them and did something no one thought possible corrupting the dark ones. As the years past the Remnant zone spread corrupting everything it came in contract with. One by one the villages of the west vanished to the point where the entire western section is now known as Remnant. Expeditions have been sent to find out what is cause of it however all reports have come back the same. "Being in Remnant isn't instant corruption but the corrupting magic becomes stronger the further west you go." "It is possible to go to Remnant and return without being corrupted. However prolong exposure will lead to corruption." All the creature have taken on new form, a corrupted form which have been given the title Grimm. They are way stronger than their levelled counterparts on this side and very much more violent prone. Warning is given to anyone who ventures there.

Magic is useless, the corruption nullifies almost all of its applications. If you wield your magic and waver Remnant will consume you. Count only on your strength and will to survive. Night is day and day is night. Let not Remnant's chaos catch you or you'll become one of its servants.
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Remnant Lore
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