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 Aquafa Lore

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PostSubject: Aquafa Lore   Sat Aug 19, 2017 9:25 am

Just off the east coast of Shiki, lies a city not bound by land, unable to be seen by regular sailors. The City of Aquafa or the Ocean city. Miles below the surface of Uzumia is the land of the Aquarians. Amphibious beings that thrive both on land and see. Aquafa is fabled to be a moving ocean city due to the fact that the tides and currents shift the location of the city when it changes. The first Sea Emperor spread this lore after casting a spell that cause the city vanish during low tide and enable to the current to change course by only flowing through the city during a full moon. Though the city if submerged it is not flooded. A magical dome created by the unassuming lay line it was built over. Though being people of the sea, not all aquarians can breath under water. During the first great war of the nation a group of Aquarians requested the help of a great sorcerer to give them more spread to combat their enemies in water. The sorcerer granted this power onto them but at a cost. They would lose their ability to breath under water. However price and ability did not stop there, this ability would past down through their lineage to form the Swift Swim Aquarian tribe. They were isolate for the fare that if they bread with the other Aquarians, eventually they all would lose their ability to breath under water. However, in the last century this tribal barrier was broken. It was found that children of mixed family had a 50:50 chance of being a water breather or swift swimmer. Aquafa host the fifth Magical Lay Line(MLL) unknown to them and everyone alike.
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Aquafa Lore
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