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 Archery Techniques and Specialization

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PostSubject: Archery Techniques and Specialization   Tue Aug 08, 2017 4:05 pm

Long Bowman :- Specializing in extra long range fighting. Covering the most distance in a single shot.

Cross Bowman :- Less powerful but faster fire rate. Able to take one handed shots.

Trick Shots :- Changing majority of their standard arrows for tipped arrow. (Tipped arrows vary and must be defined, created and approved by an Admin or Moderator before use in a fight. However, You may choose a single tipped arrow that you may refuse to disclose to the public till you use it. Must till go thru the creation process and approve.)

Close Bowman:- Specializing in close to mid range combat. They not only rely on their bows to fight but also hand to hand combat.

Hunters :- Standard archers relying on their proest with their bow.
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Archery Techniques and Specialization
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