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 Navean Lore

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PostSubject: Navean Lore   Mon Jul 31, 2017 7:20 pm

Some call it the holy garden, "the sanctuary for all deemed worthy" At least that's how it's advertised to the humans, Navean, The angels domain the place where justice reigns under "god's radiance". Legend has it that in the core of the city buried deep in the church that is the centremost building in the city lies the gate to the heavens that angels use to come to and from their original domain. It's said that in death those deemed saved and worthy are carried to the gate to meet god at their very end. With such a rumor like that in the air how could those who believe not flock to the site. What originally started as ruins of an ancient people became inhabitated by those seeking to be closer to their god, human or otherwise. The angels in their "Infinite wisdom" protected their gate from intruders by resurrecting walls of the ruins and formed the structure that came to be known as the church. Settlements were built around it and soon the domain known for it's angelic figures dancing through the skies became known for it's trade in spirit arms and mostly "holy" magic items. But to those experienced adventurers, there's something more to this haven. Something that everyone but the angels are oblivious to.
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Navean Lore
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