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 Forestoria Lore

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PostSubject: Forestoria Lore   Wed Aug 02, 2017 9:39 pm

Forestoria a city populated by the Elfen. It is located deep in the forest on the eastern coast of the main continent of Shiki.
Forestoria is hosts 80% of the Elfen population, the other 20% is split between their two forward cities located just at the tip of the western part of Shiki to keep an eye on the remnants and the other is located on the northern part of Shiki to defend their second magical lay-line.
Due to the Elfen possessing immense magic and intelligence only second to the humans (intelligence) and the angels (magic) they have created cities that incorporated both magic and technology to minimize their use of materials due to their mineral poor and mana rich lands.
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Forestoria Lore
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